Everything we have is free.  But other people have products, books or shirts we think you would like.  Some links are affiliates that help the us out and some are links that just help you out.  We also try to get you discounts where we can.  100% of donations go back into channel.



HowNOT2 Merch

You want Merch?  We finally got it!  HAPA DESIGNS enjoys watching the channel and has partnered up with us for print to order shirts.  Based in United States and able to ship worldwide, they can be a simple solution to getting our stoke to your doorstep.  Like everything on our website, the designs are free but if you don't want the hassle of printing your own stoke, then order your stuff from Hapa Design.  NOTE: Buying shirts does NOT support this channel.  Print to order shirts and shipping costs are expensive.  Donate if you can, don't worry about it if you can't, but now you have some stoke to wear if you want!


We got to heavily influence the design of what is now the best all in one load cell on the market with 1280hz (fast) and memory (smart) and the only PPE (safe) dyno available.  HNTH designed the crowdfunding that made this possible and I invested in it myself.  Currently the pre-order sales are still going.  Andy Reidrich gives me discount when I need dynos (since I'm rough with them) but this is not an affiliate link.  Just stoked we got to help make this available to other nerds who want to know their numbers!

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Cave Exploration Society

A non-profit that supports caving and raises money by selling gear.  They sell caving gear obviously but also Raumer bolts and the only place I could find a 4 nubbin 12mm drill bit for the Petzl Couer Pulses.  John has helped with BoltBusters and supported us here with an affiliate link AND offers a 5% discount code for you guys... type in HOWNOT2 during checkout for the discount. 

Rocky Talkies

For highlines and bigwalls I needed walkie talkies that were reliable and light with great battery life.  These have amazing battery life and were exactly what I needed.  They were awesome to give this affiliate link to support us AND a 10% discount code for you guys... type in "HowNOTtoHighline" during checkout for the discount. 


Best Amsteel

I get asked all the time where the best price on amsteel is.  Not only has go2marine been the best price for a long time at $0.57 per foot for 3/16" or 5mm but it is my favorite kind of dyneema.  Sk75 is not oily from the oil heat treatment that sk78 and sk99 get to reduce creep, which is not a issue for soft shackles, therefore climbing tape sticks well to it to ensure they stay closed on highline areas that don't see constant force.  Not an affiliate link but just amazing beta.  Sorry, no discounts.

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Jerry Miszewkski is a mathematician and innovator in slackline and highline gear.  Based in the United States (ships internationally), Balance Community has been a huge contributor to the knowledge we have today.  His youtube videos is how I learned slacklining and why I wanted to make a youtube channel about highlining.  He has answered many many questions that helped HowNOTtoHighline create the resources we have today.  Jerry has been a main sponsor of GGBY festival as well.  Buying stuff helps him create better gear and this link helps out our channel.

If you want CBD or THCv & Delta 8 products, you can get 5% off Hempy Longstocking with the code HOWNOT2 and they support us with 5% of your order as well.  


Highline Beta

We helped create the first published highline topos or beta and they will be in Erik Sloan's newest Yosemite BigWall GuideBook.  Pages 450-457 have the information on the classic Yosemite highlines plus extras.  We also went through great lengths to rebolt the 4 main highline areas with glue ins before this book got published to make a better experience for highliners visiting Yosemite.  Everything we do is free so there is a link below to our yosemite page with all of our topos and information about Yosemite to make your trip great.  No affiliate links and we were not paid for the topos.  Just stoked about such a high quality book and that highlines got to be included.

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This is an amazon affiliate link.  If you use this before buying anything on amazon, we get a small % of the purchase and that greatly helps us out.  Please save the link as a bookmark.  Thank you!

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You want to measure force and you are not an engineer?  I found Loadstar Sensors through someone in our audience and they helped us get our Fast (10,000hz), Strong (20,000lbf), Easy (idiot proof software) load cell that is now in our drop tower and slack snap machine.  Div is the owner and responds very fast to emails, knows his stuff (over 20 patents and 17 years in business) and took a very complex crux of mine and helped make our drop tower full value.  I have a feeling we are going to get to test things I never thought possible now that they have 100+ solutions to any force measurements we can think of.  Not an affiliate link but they have gone above and beyond for us.

Moab's Best Adventures

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.24.09
Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.18.54
Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.11.43

My friends have 3 rad businesses to let you taste the adventures we often do here in Moab.  You can try Base Jumping with no experience by doing a tandem with Base Jump Moab.  You can do any roped activity including highlining, climbing or canyoneering with Discovering Moab.  And you can also ride through a scenic view in a hot air balloon Red Rock Ballooning.  Tell them you found them on and you'll get a discount.  You get a bigger discount if you book the trifecta and do all three while visiting Moab (they work together but are separate companies).  

SLC - Mowgli's Adventures

If you are in Salt Lake City - get the best pedicab ride of your life.  A friend and long time supporter of this channel spent a year making the nicest pedicab I've ever seen loaded with so many features.  Mowgli is a great tour guide and knows everything about downtown.  Below is not an affiliate link but tell him you heard about him on How NOT to Highline to get him stoked.  The video is the tour I did with him on my latest visit.

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Studio Page

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