Highlining 101


Highlining is an inherently dangerous sport and people have died participating in it. This course is not a guarantee that you will not be injured or die. Rather, this course is a culmination of standard “best practices” done globally in our highlining community. A lot of techniques and technology are pioneered specifically for our niche sport and are built on logical assumptions and simulated testing, BUT it is NOT 100% safe. Things can fail and things can fail lower than we previously thought with an enormous amount of variables that are difficult to predict. We build in safety factors and redundancy to reduce the risk but there is still risk. The action of rigging highlines is as dangerous or more dangerous than being attached to a properly rigged highline. Be clipped in when working near cliff edges!

This course is interactive. You are not just reading and watching, but actively practicing the actions in this course. You are doing them at your own risk. If you don’t feel it is safe in general or safe for you and your body type, or safe for your location, THEN DON’T DO IT. We promote safety and best practices but there is a risk in trying the things we show you at Highline University International. If you proceed with taking this course, then you understand it is at your own risk and Highline University International and How NOT to LLC, the parent company, is not responsible for any injury or death that may occur.

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