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The Bolting Bible

The Hole-y Guide to Climbing, Highlining, Caving and Canyoning Bolts

HowNOT2 Course

Install, Remove, and Understand What You're Trusting With Your Life

Welcome to the 5th edition of The Bolting Bible! It now encompasses the 4 main sports that use bolts with 500+ images, 250+ links, 60+ HowNOT2 videos, and 450 break tests. It is no longer a PDF as our new blog version allowed us to double the content and keep it maintained. The Bolting Bible will easily guide you down any rabbit hole you choose to explore or you can find something specific using our filter system on our CONTENT page. There are 16 chapters. The first 12 are the "Old Testament" with general information and chapters 13-16 are the sport-specific things you need to know. Even if you never plan on installing a bolt, I encourage you to scroll through and spend an hour learning about what you trust with your life.


The general knowledge of bolt installation, removing, and strength.

The Book of Bolting Ethics

How does bolting affect everyone and impact areas? What are the laws and cultures that surround the topic? Read all about the world surrounding bolting.

The Book of Rock

You can put in the best bolt in the world, but it's the rock that holds it. Learn about rock densities, what feldspar is, and how to identify fracture risks.

The Book of Holes

Getting the right size hole, deep enough, round enough and straight enough is essential for a good bolt. Choosing WHERE to place these holes can make or break the people who will be using them.

The Book of Metal

It's important to install something that will last longer than you. Find out why some parts of bolts look rusty while others are not. And read about how bolts that look super good enough can break under body weight.

The Book of Concrete Screws

The best kept secret that doesn't work in every situation. Read about when these shine.

The Book of Mechanical Bolts

Some bolts are just a single rod of metal twisted into shape and others have 7 pieces and are called "5-piece-bolts". It's also helpful to know what hangers are needed for what bolts and the benefits to the weird ones.

The Book of Installing Mechanical Bolts

How tight do I make it? Why won't it tighten? See what goes on under the surface and learn how to install mechanical bolts.

The Book of Glue In Bolts

There is a shocking amount of ways you can shape a metal stick that gets glued into the rock. Read about the shapes, sizes and features of each one. You will also find a buying guide of every glue in bolt on the market.

The Book of Glue

Glue is a simple word for all the chemicals that holds our bolts in. It's made of different stuff, comes in different colors and dry at different speeds. This is the most risky part of any bolting.

The Book of Installing Glue In’s

There are a lot of ways to mess this up and its not very fixable after the glue cures. This chapter will help you be prepared with the right tools and systems for it to be easy and look nice when you are done.

The Book of Pulling Out

A lot of bolting done today is fixing old bolts. How do you remove those old bolts? Can you reuse the hole? See what tools are available to make this possible.

The Book of Numbers

Watch how, where and when bolts break and you'll understand what you can trust your life to and how to install them better. 450+ bolt and hanger break tests organized in easy to see spreadsheets with their associated episodes.


The sport specific nuances of bolting

Bolting for Climbing

We bring you up to speed on how to bolt new routes top down or from ground up. Learn about open vs closed anchor systems and all the configurations those can be in.