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As of 5/21/21 the bolts at the Rostrum, Elephant and Taft have now been damaged.  They may be ok to use, but almost each line can be supplemented or rigged all natural.  Last update September 2021  


Highlining began in Yosemite and it has many amazing and classic highlines but it can be complicated to visit the park, know where to go and when you are allowed to.  We rebolted the classic lines to Fixe Glue in Bolts so almost every project can have anchor ropes threaded directly into the bolts.  Below is all the information you need for a slackcessful trip.

General Rules & Helpful Links

Rostrum has bird closures in the spring (March 15-July15), snow has taft road closed half the year, half dome requires permits and it can all get confusing.  Please don't break the rules as it can ruin access to the park.  We are not allowed to highline over waterfalls due to over use.  Below are useful links.  The episodes below go into more detail about how to get around and manage the restrictions.

Christian Black is a NPS ranger who loves slacklife.  He created this presentation for Yosemite Facelift 2021 to share our sport with non-highliners.  It is Yosemite-centric and is a great thing to watch if you want to see Yosemite highline culture.  His presentation starts at the 1 hour mark and is 26 minutes long

Published Topos

We helped make the topos that are published on pages 450-457 in Erik Sloan's latest big wall book "2021 Yosemite Bigwalls – The Ultimate Guide". Everything we do is free, so those topos are available to you below as small images or a High Quality PDF that you can download.  His book is also linked below.

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Episode Beta

We have filmed episodes that will help you understand the areas you can highline in Yosemite. Many episodes are filmed in Yosemite but the ones below are the most helpful for first time visitors.

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