Send Us Your Stuff

Bobby has volunteered to get these emails, manage what items are sent to the lab and spend a day breaking about 25 samples per month.  We would create short episodes with 5-7 items in each one and try to release them weekly.  Bobby would share the story about your gear that you sent us, then break it.  Below is How NOT to send us gear so we can keep this as easy for Bobby as possible!


1 - Please send Bobby photos with your email

2 - Tell him why you think it is interesting and worth snapping

3 - Please understand if we say no.  Some things are too stretchy, too strong, offered too often, or we have too many items in the queue.

*Note: From receiving your item to being published in a video can take 3-6 months


1 - Please do NOT send us more than we agreed to break.

2 - Please do NOT require a signature 

3 - Please TAPE a note to the item so we can throw the packaging away

     ON THE NOTE: Your name, the backstory and what you want tagged (eg: instagram). 

*Note: We won't search through emails for your name, the history of the item or tagging instructions.  It's a lot of work to break items, please make it easy.

Bobby will give you the lab address if we agree to break the gear