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What is the show about?

This is the first tv series about "the coolest sport you never heard of".  6 episodes are streaming on Discovery Plus featuring 13 of us highliners doing what we love in Moab, Utah and the Fruitbowl.  We rig massive highlines, rope swings, and ziplines.  We even squeaked in a few base jumps.  Then we head to Ouray, CO to attempt the US record.

Who is on the show?

Ryan Jenks, from the youtube channel, HOW NOT TO HIGHLINE and manager of is one of the 13 cast members.  Andy Lewis, who slacklined on the the 2011 Super Bowl half time show with Madonna, founded tricklining and holds many highline and base jumping records and now owns BASE JUMP MOAB.  Spencer Seabrooke (free solo world record) and Mia Noblet (longest highline record) and LJ Fiorita are from Canada.  Ari DeLashmutt from Ari in the Air youtube channel.  Sylvan Christsenson, Mercadi Carlson, Homer Manson and Catrina Sisco live in Moab Utah.  Marcus Nelson, Aaron Bray, Spencer Frank and Kimberly Weglin are from Colorado.  We come from all over to project hard for a month.

When did we film?

We filmed the first season of Pushing the Line in October and November of 2020.  It was a month long and was in several locations in Moab, Utah and several locations in Ouray, Colorado.  

What is it like to be on TV?

It's surreal to be able to share what you love with a huge audience.  I'm use to just a few thousand people following along our projects and tests on youtube but to have millions of people who may not have heard of highlining before is exciting.  It's also scary to let so many people see us do this day in and day out as it isn't always roses and butterflies.   I felt insecure about many things, especially how I would feel doing the show with my ex wife who is also a highliner and joined us.  But just like highlining, you trust the gear, or in this case the audience and you just stand up tall and start going and at the end of the project, you were stoked you did it.

Where can I learn how to highline?

5 years ago, I started a youtube channel to teach people how to rig highlines since I had such a difficult time finding information about it.  Now we have over 300 episodes and you can find what you want on our playlists.  Our highline playlist shows you how to rig highlines and our highlining 101 course (free) shows you how to use a highline that is all ready set up.  We always put out at least one video a week so be sure to subscribe.