Terminology | Highlining 101

“Slackliners have their own language”


Here is a funny VIDEO made a few years ago about highline lingo.

Unique words specific to what is taught in this course:

- PAS - personal anchor system. The leash that is permanently attached to you so you can be clipped in near a cliff edge.

- Line Slide - a wide pulley that helps you roll across a highline

- Hangover - the most popular brand of a line slide

- Floss - when webbing goes in between line slide wheels and doesn’t stay flat

- Whip/Whipper - falling off a highline and being caught by the leash

- Catch - catching a highline when you fall ideally in your hands and not in your elbows or armpits

- Send - walking a line without falling

- Cross - walking a line with falls

- Full man - walking both ways without falling

- Half man - walking one way without falling

- Onsight - walking without falling on the first try

- Exposure - turning perpendicular to the line and looking at the exposure

- Surf - going side to side on a slackline/highline

- Walk on - starting on the cliff and stepping on the highline (not recommended)

- Walk off - walking from the highline onto the cliff edge (not recommended)

- Free solo - walking a highline without being tethered in any way

- Midline - a highline under 30 meters high

- Humping - when a long highline goes back and forth long ways while you are on it

- Sag - distance the highline goes from anchor height while you walk on it

- Side sag - distance the highline goes to the side compared to the direct line of sight between anchors

- Chongo - sit starting with foot under butt and 1 leg under line counter balancing

- Mount - to go from under the line to sitting on top of it

- Starting - to go from sitting to standing on the slackline/highline

- Direct exposure - the direct distance to the ground below you

- Perceived exposure - how high you feel you are based on the view

- No fall zone - sections of highlines you would get hurt if you whipped

- Flow state - when you are in a perfect zen mindset. 5 chemicals are released into the brain commonly misunderstood as adrenaline junkie. The reason you are highlining! FLOW is another exclusive resource going in depth about achieving higher consciousness through slacklining, which we refer to as flow state.


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