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Longer lines presented many risks. The biggest being if the main line broke, the fall on the backup webbing would be enormous. Also, only the rich and sponsored slackers could rig 1KM+ projects. So in 2017, Slacktivity introduced a new webbing called Y2K, and being low stretch/high tech webbing designed for 200+ meter lines, it was only available in this new concept where every main piece you buy is a certain length (typically 50 meters) and the backup was a bit longer at 53 meters.

Now called segmented highlines, this revolutionized highlining to be safer at longer lengths and to be scalable by just connecting as many pieces needed. The Y2K system was only available on the 1 expensive webbing and not widely used until Slack Inov developed the Inov Split where the main and backup webbing can interconnect by criss crossing soft shackles. Now any webbing with a sewn loop can be connected to another webbing with a sewn loop allowing groups of friends to combine their webbings together for large projects without the need to drop $10,000 or $20,000 on giant continuous piece of webbing. This also allowed lower highlines to be done since if one segment failed, a person only drops about 10 meters. Ryan Jenks publicly cut 1 kilometer of irreplaceable spider silk webbing into 50m sections on HowNOTtoHighline which helped catalyze many to not only purchase many small pieces but to take existing long pieces of webbing and cut them.

Since split technology became popular, many other styles of segmenting webbings became available such as Dura La Vida loops offered by Raed Slacklines and designed by Fer Kpok. Additional technologies popped up like the soft thimble by Aki Slacklines making the loops full strength when used with a soft shackle, whereas before they reduced the strength by around 10% to 30% from pinching the loop. The 2KM world record in Asbestos in 2019 was rigged on about 40 pairs of Y2K webbing and sent by Mia Noblet and Lukas Irmler.


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