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Dean continues the story: “Less than a year later, Grosowsky and Ellington teamed up with climbing master Brooke Sandahl for the Monkey Face Gap, in Smith Rock, Oregon.

‘We didn’t want any more bolts breaking, so we ran the calcs and…used three-quarter by seven-inch bolts and fabricated our own hangers out of ninety-degree angle steel,’ Sandahl remembers. ‘We started the walks out of the Monkey’s mouth. Adam walked the line first. Jeff followed and onsighted it.’ The humble Sandahl leaves his own walk out. ‘A few years later, I think 1990, Adam went up there again and free soloed the cable!’

For the most part, though, slacklining remained hidden in the trees, practiced only by a few who were drawn to the silence and beauty of intuitive movement. Among them was Darrin Carter.” (The Space Between)


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