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Monday Update: Drop tower rubber, secret projects, perfect descents, and more

I've been quiet, that is a sign I'm extra busy. Secret project coming out this weekend!

Drop tower drainage, rubber base and guy wires are finished. Just got to add lots of triangles for strength and boom, we start dropping things.

Donations greatly appreciated. Bills are still coming in.

If you have a business, want to support us AND write off some advertising, I can send an invoice and W9 from our California LLC. Hit me up at has really helped outfit us with gear for our project. Thank you! HOWNOT2 gives you 5% off with them

Perfect Descent has lent us 2 units for our drop tower. Thank you! If you need an auto belay device -

Pre-order LineScale3s at

Want a LoadCell to break stuff - head over to

How NOT 2 Raft was done with

How NOT to be a Hooker is with

Our stuff is on our website at

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Breaking Gear Fear

Edutainment has been a great way to help people understand their gear, and know the true limitations of it.  Watching HOW gear fails is more important than the force itself, as almost all gear is super good enough.  It's more important to share information on how to stay safe than it is to have a paywall.  We hope our stoke is contagious.

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