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Making soft shackles for Lapporten world record sponsors

We did it! The Lapporten Project by @northernlines_slackline officially got a highline world record at 2130m long (1.3 miles) but it isn't just the length, it was in a really remote location making the rigging quite complex. We had a great team of athletes, riggers, and camera peps and this video was filmed on our way back home. We crowdfunded for this project a few months ago here on this channel and almost 100 people donated $50 to help make this dream a reality. We are making these soft shackles out of the sk78 Liros dyneema tag line used on the project as a thank you to those sponsors. This project will be aired on Swedish TV and we are also making a 3 part series here on this channel so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we come out with new videos.

Ending music by Martin Gravdal (one of our athletes)


David Sjöström - (team leader - crossed)

Quirin Herterich (sent - full man)

Ruben Langer (sent)

Friedi Kühne (sent & BASE)

Lukas Irmler (sent)

Grzegorz Hoffmann (crossed)

Martin Gravdal (crossed)

Annalisa Casiraghi (crossed)

JoEight Creations

Mathias Rohdin

Cesare Mazzocchi

Allez Rombergo

Benjamin Brinch

Annica Lundqvist

Ryan Jenks

➜➜➜Corporate Sponsors:


STF Abisko Turiststation


Spider Slacklines

LineGrip Inc





Jimmy Joy Food


Ica nära riksgränsen


➜➜➜Crowdfunded Sponsors:

Mowgli Adventures (

Vector Etch (

Hapa Farms (

Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc. (

Gigapixel GmbH (

Clark Olson

Andrew Holloway

Daniel Schlitt

Johan Wuyts

Jonathan Hebel

Tristan Anderson

Zach Schmidt

Eric Dawson

Andrew DeChristopher

Piotr Irving

Tree Tramp Productions

Jason Bell

Michael Licciardello

Frederick Kennedy

Julian Demuth

Evgeny Pimenov

Sean Stone

Matthew Patterson

Benjamin Wilkinson

Matthew Lowry

Christopher Stull

Alastair Hill

Robert Brettschneider

Smith Breaux

Jason C Wagner

Daniel Lally

Filip Vlček

Stephen Brazon

Mark Schwarts

Jonah Jackson

Charles Gutridge

Ethan Misner

Ken Daniel

Logan Raderschadt

Henry Adams

Stewart Perry

Benjamin Priyadamkol

Michael Schmidt

Paul Schellenberg

Eric Dyball Ringarama

Luca Seifert

Erik Christiansson

Jonas Henn

Dylan Laws

Joakim Tunje

Ethan Fulk

Andrew Abernathy

Evan Dewitt

Jaime Fernandez Del Rio

Zakkary Lillie

Manos Tsilimigkounakis

Andres Montiel

Russell Robinson

Nicholas Dark Amiie

Daniel Kapeller

Michael Kinese

Christopher Rockwell

Vladimir Cozlov

Mitchell Hart

Ethan Arkin

Dave Edgar

Timothy Koch

Steven Dirks

David Salmond

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

Jan Verhaeren

Jakob Petersson

Jacob Bouck

Stefan Dragic

Andi Bustamante

Robin Lindblom

Robert Noack

Llain Arabians

Nikki Norton

Anthony Smith

Luis Talavera

Florian Hild

Daan Wanrooy

Michael Van Luvender

Nathan Page

Kenneth Shaughnessy

Kiljan Ammann

Roy Robertson

Charles Hood

Nick Markley

Viktor Stagge

Keith Cody

Erik Bostrom

Brenda Spence

Christopher Duhamel-Downing

Sebastian Weitzler Fuenzalida


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