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How to Bolt a Sport Climb Top Down - Rap Bolting

Wow, we finally did a description with helpful links! Here is one way to install a new route starting at the top with a fixed line called “Rap Bolting”. Some say if you can’t lead it don’t bolt it, others say the bolting job will be higher quality if you aren’t terrified the whole time. What do you think?

While top rope solo climbing, identify where the ideal bolt placement should be, drill your hole, brush and blow it clean and test fit the glue in bolt (if that is the type you are using). Continue up until you get to the anchor and drill that with the next pitch and/or rappelling options in mind. Then crack your glue open and start gluing. Have gloves and paper towels and try not to get it everywhere. A plastic bag for drips and trash really helps. You glue top down with pre-drilled holes so you aren’t rushed on by the adhesive working time. All these details can be found on the #BoltingBible (link below).

Here is a link to Key West Florida if you really want a link This area is not to be disclosed yet and when it is we will update this description. Tell us how you think it can be done responsibly.


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Bobby’s small Milwaukee drill from other video

Bobby’s big Milwaukee drill from this video

Bolts used in this video - if in Europe

Bolts used in this video - if in USA

Titan Strong Tie Concrete screws are amazing! - stainless for permanent use and zinc plated for temporary anchors

Learn Rope Solo Climbing

Glue used in this episode - liquid rock 500

Amazing glue if you work in low temps - Hilti 500v3

Air cans help a lot for cleaning

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