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How NOT to install a Tree Net - These are way more fun than Tree Houses!

We look at an 8 year old tree net (I didn't build it!) that is deteriorating and strangling a tree and try to do some repairs with paracord. The best price we found on paracord has been at Please stay clipped in while working in a tree. Please only build these in healthy trees on your property. Please don't be an idiot and get hurt. With @Charlies_web and @SagleySight

Highline University, Bolting Bible, Book of Slack... all the good stuff is at

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Breaking Gear Fear

Edutainment has been a great way to help people understand their gear, and know the true limitations of it.  Watching HOW gear fails is more important than the force itself, as almost all gear is super good enough.  It's more important to share information on how to stay safe than it is to have a paywall.  We hope our stoke is contagious.

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