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Highlights in the history of slacklining:

- Adam Grosowsky set up the first slackline as we know it today with tubular webbing in early 1980s after seeing people walk parking lot chains in Yosemite Valley.

- Jeff Ellington and Adam repurposed search and rescue techniques to tension the slackline and came up with the primitive system or the “Ellington system”

- The summer of 1983 Adam and Jeff attempted Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite with a cable and had rigging complications so they stopped.

- 1983 Scott Balcom sends the first highline. It was under a bridge in Pasadena.

- July 13th, 1985 Scott Balcom sends the Lost Arrow Spire

- 1993 Darrin Carter was the next person to send a highline, also the Lost Arrow Spire, and free soloed it in 1995.

- Chuck Tucker (Chongo) has been around since the beginning, promoting walking on parking lot chains in Yosemite, and met Scott and his friends in 1981. He was the catalyst that kept the stoke alive between all the generations of OGs.

- Dean Potter was introduced to slacklining by Chongo in 1993, he free soloed LAS in 2003, invented BASElining, and his media attention sparked the first full generation of highliners we have today.

- Andy Lewis found slacklining in 2004. He invented tricklining and was first to land many of the tricks including feet to feet backflip, first to walk 50m, 60m and 100m long highlines, co founded GGBY and THC (longest running festivals), practiced BASElining and held the free solo world record after practicing 64 free solos.

- Jerry Miszewski got several world records including the 1003 foot long highline in 2014. He developed many new highline specific gear concepts and provided a lot of educational resources online. .

- Loose highlines started to become popular in 2016 allowing larger lines to be possible

- Nathan Paulin and Danny Mensik walked 1 kilometer in 2016

- Pablo Signoret, Nathan Paulin and Lucas Miliard walked 1 mile in 2017

- Mia Noblet and Lukas Irmler walked 2 kilometers in 2019

- The History of Slack is an in depth study on the history of rope walking and slacklining from ancient Greece to today. It’s free… check it out



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