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Highline Rigging Example - Yosemite Rostrum 195

Here is a case study of us rigging our last highline. It doesn't dive into a lot detail but gives a big picture of how we rig and derig. Please let us know in comments how you want future rigging examples to look.

Thank you SlacklifeBC for the Lion Webbing. Get yours here:

Thank you team: Kim Weglin, Garrison Rowland, Michael Melner, Sara Wilson, Marco Fontana, and Xavier Staggs

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Breaking Gear Fear

Edutainment has been a great way to help people understand their gear, and know the true limitations of it.  Watching HOW gear fails is more important than the force itself, as almost all gear is super good enough.  It's more important to share information on how to stay safe than it is to have a paywall.  We hope our stoke is contagious.

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