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Forces on anchors and leashes on a big 292 meter highline

Taft 960 or "Dusk to Dawn" is Yosemite's biggest highline at 292 meters and has finally been sent after it was first rigged 3 years ago with Jerry Miszewski. Friedi Onsighted in the dark, and Lukas sent the next morning so they decided "Dusk to Dawn" was good name. Robert Yuwiler onsighted it and Mark Boyd crossed it as well. Everyone else enjoyed crossing it one way or another. Thank you to those who sent the line and Kyle Lovett, Zollie Goodman, Kim Weglin, Christian Saupe, and Sebastian Segraves for helping rig the line and being involved.

We put a dynomometer on the anchors and leashes to find out how much force is on such a huge line. We thought there would be more force near the anchors and less in the middle but we got very different results. If you love to nerd out on charts, we got one for you at

If you want to see the beta for this highline, we have it and others in detail at

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Breaking Gear Fear

Edutainment has been a great way to help people understand their gear, and know the true limitations of it.  Watching HOW gear fails is more important than the force itself, as almost all gear is super good enough.  It's more important to share information on how to stay safe than it is to have a paywall.  We hope our stoke is contagious.

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