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From crossword puzzles to writing poetry, to solving riddles, reading a book, recording your thoughts in a journal, and having a good conversation--all of these are great opportunities for us to enter flow and enhance our lives with words.

“And again, there is no reason to stop at being a passive consumer. . . . Writing is an easily accessible skill that gives the mind a disciplined means of expression. If the only point to writing were to transmit information, then it would deserve to become obsolete. But the point of writing is to create information, not simply to pass it along. [Writing] allows one to record events and experiences so that they can be easily recalled, and relived in the future. It is a way to analyze and understand experiences, a self-communication that brings order to them.

Like any other flow activity, however, writing that becomes addictive becomes dangerous: it forces the writer to commit himself to a limited range of experiences, and forecloses other options for dealing with events. But when writing is used to control experience, without letting it control the mind, it is a tool of infinite subtlety and rich rewards.” (131-132)


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