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It is easy to understand why physical activity can be enjoyable, “but few people step beyond these physical activities to explore the almost unlimited capacities of the other organs of the body, even though any information that the nervous system can recognize lends itself to rich and varied flow experiences.

Seeing, for instance, is most often used simply as a distant sensing system, to keep from stepping on the cat, or to find the car keys. Occasionally people stop to “feast their eyes” when a particular gorgeous sight happens to appear in front of them, but they do not cultivate systematically the potential of their vision. Visual skills, however, can provide constant access to enjoyable experiences.” (106)

Great works of art and mundane sights alike can all be delightful with enough training. As is true of all flow activities, one cannot expect to take true enjoyment in a pursuit without cultivating the necessary skills. “Compared to several other activities, however, seeing is immediately accessible . . . so it is a particular pity to let it rest undeveloped.” (108)


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