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Drop tower is up and rebranding to

I work on stuff you don’t see for 6 months, so here is a monday update to bring you on the journey! Here are the topics!

Drop tower looks great. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Load cell is being worked on. The electricity is fine, looking at all possibilities of interference. Go to discord to join the conversation about it

Selling my nets used in the aisle of the “spacenet wedding”. 1pc of 24” x 42ft and 1pc of 32” x 22ft for a total of 142 square feet. I’m asking $500. Make me an offer.

Selling my Camera. Used in good shape.

Nikon D7100 - Used very good is $400

4 Lenses

nikon dx af-s nikkor 55-300mm 1.4-5.6g ed $400 new

nikon dx af-s 35mm 1.8g $176 new

nikon dx af-s 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr $200-$250

tokina sd 11-16 f2.8 (if) dx $229

5 batteries

2 chargers


Want to make an offer, hit me up at

REBRANDING IDEAS: is linked to at the moment but I might make a new landing page featuring the 12-16 different sports and industries we do (or will do videos for). Please leave comment or in the discord page.

Any ideas on non-profit structures, please leave a comment or in the discord page.

My work flow looks like this right now: someone smarter than me helps me create content for episode, i film episode, ravi edits it, i check it and polish it, bobby reviews final upload, I thumbnail and description it… then it gets clogged. It needs to go on website and made into bite size pieces for other social medias. If this gets solved, the bolting bible will get solved. Please leave suggestions for WHAT I’m looking for in an assistant who can take a finished episode and do all this. Once I know what i’m looking for, i can make clear instructions and start to look for this unicorn! Comment below or on discord page

Behind the Scenes


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Breaking Gear Fear

Edutainment has been a great way to help people understand their gear, and know the true limitations of it.  Watching HOW gear fails is more important than the force itself, as almost all gear is super good enough.  It's more important to share information on how to stay safe than it is to have a paywall.  We hope our stoke is contagious.

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