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Dan Osman's final jump in Yosemite gets repeated 23 years later

Dan Osman is a legend in the climbing community. He passed away doing the most epic rope jump in Yosemite National Park 23 years ago and we wanted to honor him by repeating it. We climbed an A4 route called Roulette on Leaning tower, hiked up Fifi 3x to tag a line across by hand (no drones) and to rig an all natural anchor for a highline that Alonso Rodriguez sent, naming it "Flossing the Sky" just as Dano called the noise ropes made during rope jumps. After 15 years of dreaming about doing this line, I got to jump over 500 feet (170m) down the face of leaning tower and so did 4 of my friends. Dano - your inspiration lives on!

See our Dan Osman Rostrum video!

Dan Osman clips are originally from Masters of Stone by Eric Perlman and the music is the same Unforgiven II that Metallica released for use in Masters of Stone 5.

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Edited by: Ryan Jenks and Andrea Nicole with several cups of coffee within 24 hours.

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