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Double and Doubled Rope systems

Canyon Rope Systems

Double (DRT) and Doubled (DdRT) Rope Systems

Climbing vs Canyon Rappelling

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This is a free course featuring Brent Roth about different ways to set up rappels through a canyon. This considers ease of rigging, abrasion, ease of rescue and how efficient it is to move people through the canyon.

Our courses are A-Z content in blog format, glued together with an overarching blog we call a textbook. A blog format is easy to read, easy to update, and easy to translate. Be sure to begin at the TEXTBOOK and at the end of each episode we'll point you to the next.

These double and doubled rope systems is when a person is using both strands to progress. These two systems are identified not only by how they are rigged but by how they are used as well. They both of course have a static version and a releasable version.

Double Rope Systems

A system where two strands are equally weighted when progressing aka Rappel Double

Static - When the rope is simply pulled through the anchor to a mid-way point. Both strands must run through the rappel device. The Efficiency is dependent on if a simultaneous rappel is being done or not.


Simul-rappels should only be done by two competent people that are familiar with the technique.

  • When is this used? - One of the most common methods of rappelling.

  • When should you not use this? - In considerable flow, Hydraulic or difficult swimming disconnect, when an exact rope length is desired

Examples - Toss ‘n Go, Simul-rappel with two people

Retrieval - Pull either strand when you are off the rope

Releasable - When the rope is doubled over and can be adjusted. This would preferably be done using a stitch plate device.

  • When is this used? - When extreme abrasion exists and can not be avoided by any other means.

  • When should you not use this? - When you don't have a long enough rope. It Requires 4x the rope length needed for the pitch if rigging for rescue.

Examples - These systems can be the same as Twin Compound Releasable systems if both strands are used by the same person to rappel (aka rappel double).

Retrieval - LAPAR rappels using Double Static. Pull either strand.

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Double Rope Systems Rating

Static System

Ease of Rigging - Best!

Easiest of them all

✅Little or no hardware

✅Easy to identify

✅Easy to learn

✅Fast to rig

✅It does not have to be re-rigged to retrieve

Rigged for Rescue - None