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Big Wall Climbing: How NOT to Poop on El Capitan

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The number one question when climbing El Capitan is how to #2. Pooping in a bag might sound awful, and you're right if you are unprepared. Have a system for double bagging and have a knife and duct tape to put the double bagged treasure in an empty water jug that you brought up. Squat and hold the bag behind you with both hands and try to go in the morning while you are on a ledge before your adrenaline kicks in for the day. Wet wipes are a 10 out of 10 recommendation! Restop2 and Wag Bags claim to be safe for disposal in any trash container, much like a diaper or doggy bag is. DO NOT PUT YOUR BAGGED TREASURE IN PIT TOILETS (OR ANY TOILET). Please keep our Captain clean and follow all the shitty rules.

➜➜➜Thank you friends for not only being willing to hear me talk about poop for an hour but being apart of the video. AND the amazing highline you rigged up there. AND being so much fun. The stoke is high with:








➜➜➜You know you hit a low when you try affiliate links for poop bags... but hey, dirtbags will try anything for a buck!

***Restop2 Bags (first one with liner glued to inside of 2nd bag and more TP)

***WagBags (separate bags and little TP)

***Camping size TP if you want to just use zip lock bags and don't want to roll your own

***If you are weird and want a poop emoji that farts

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