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Amazon Chinese Knockoff Climbing Carabiners TESTED

You asked, we finally did it! We tested 3 of each amazon knock off carabiners. Xinda, Favofit, Ayamaya and Big Wall Traverse brands (@Sam_Moritz donated the Traverse biners). Some are UIAA rated, some are not, some say they are… and are not. They all broke super good enough but we should support the name brands who are actually innovating. Will not link to these carabiners as I do not want to support them more than I already have brought attention to them. And don’t accidentally buy 12kn carabiners!!! They look the same on amazon. To see outdated UIAA rating on Big Wall Traverse, go to and type in “Traverse” then click box for Extended search for old products and you will see the outdated cert. These break tests are on our SlackSnap chart samples 898-909 on our website. No sponsors, just donations!

Good info from SAI Peregrinus

UIAA is a certification body for climbing and mountaineering, the number tells which standard the device was tested against.

CE means it conforms to EU rules for being sold (or if the logo is slightly different, that it is approved for export from China and shouldn't be trusted for anything.) This has nothing to do with safety testing, just materials and manufacture, not containing toxic stuff, etc.

EN is a European safety and technical standards mark, the number tells which standard the device was tested against.

All of these can be faked, they're just printed logos. Real carabiners and other equipment will come with an information packet, will have individual serial numbers and manufacture dates, etc.

More good info from Dennis Van Hoek

EN: tested in a European Norm accredited laboratory.

UIAA: Pay another $500 on top of the EN test for the UIAA label

CE: Test you do yourself following certain guidelines (aka slack snap)

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