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Our target audience are people who don't care about bolts... but use them


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It comes as a free ebook in the form of a PDF or in a blog format,

Researched, Organized and Written by Ryan Jenks (skylining@live.com)


This book has had contributions or edits done by many experienced bolters. I learned everything I know from the people below. Thank you for helping with this comprehensive resource! Major Contributions made by: Bobby Hutton, Kim Weglin, David Kingston, Martin Roberts (Titan Climbing), Zac Timmons, Travis Warner. Other Contributions made by: Greg Fishell, Ben Iseman, Jediah Doohan, Marc Thompson, Philipp Gesing, Jerry Miszewski, Jason Fautz, Scott Rogers, Ryan Morse Brady, Clay Lippincott, Mike Law, Greg Barnes, Andrew Davidson, Mark Hanna, Alex Rybchuk, Jim Titt, Chris Wallace, ASCA, AAC, Access Fund,


This book is for entertainment purposes only and aims to overwhelm you with the daunting task and responsibility that it is to bolt... in hopes that you decide not to bolt. If you do bolt, please put in products that will pass the test of time. Please don’t “learn” by installing permanent anchors that you, and thousands of other strangers, will depend their lives on for many years, but rather practice in a non-critical setting (like your backyard) until you know that what you will install will be safe for everyone.

I am fully certified in absolutely nothing. I was hardly taught anything in person. I have installed bolts less than perfect before. This is a collection of all the information I could collect from reliable resources online, the people I respect and the testing we have done ourselves. Though I have tried to include all the best practices accepted to date, the information is not confirmed, tested thoroughly, or could just be outdated. Ideally this Bolting Bible could be the only source you need to visit to get all the available information online about the topic, but keep in mind that it is just as reliable as anything you find on google (aka not reliable).

The 10 Bolting Commandments

1. Thou shalt not drill where thou art not allowed

2. Thou shalt never place zinc-plated bolts

3. Thou shalt practice bolting at home and not in nature

4. Thou shalt really, really clean thy hole after drilling

5. Thou shalt never spray thy bolts

6. Thou shalt check thy glue-ins after thy glue cures

7. Thou shalt only drill thy holes perpendicular to the rock face

8. Thou shalt not bring thy power drill to thy National Parks or Wilderness areas

9. Thou shalt never use wedge bolts in soft or fractured rock

10. Thou shalt read the entire bolting bible so thy knows what thou is doing

The Armor of Thy Bolter  

Be strong in bolting and it’s mighty power. Bring the full armor of thy bolter, so that you can stand strong against the adversary of epics. For our struggle shall not be against simple things of this world like logistics but against the all important details of technique, changing weather and our beers getting warm. Carry with thee, thy drill of truth, thy drill bit of righteousness, thy bolt of faith, thy hanger of peace, and thy eye protection of salvation.

Why the Bible Theme?

It shocked me in my bolting research how dogmatic people were about what they believed and how another would have contradictory evidence about it. Online, generally people can be dicks or act religious about shit they don’t know anything about. Let’s be nice to each other. It takes a lot of work and money to install bolts. Let’s encourage each other to do the best bolting possible but not be trolls while doing it. Just like the Bible has many authors and contributors, this too is a collaborative effort with many bolters so it can be a resource that is considered “best practices”. We worked with many bolters and have feedback all the time. Unlike the bible, if you find something that needs correcting, we will update it!

Why the innuendos?

Because writing and reading a book about bolts is as dry as the dust you get from drilling rock. Our target audience isn’t just the 20 people around the world that nerd out on bolt details or even those who install bolts, but everyone who depends their lives to these metal things they see in the rocks and know nothing about. Plus we can’t help using a good pun!

How NOT to Highline

It started with a few highline tutorials in 2016 and has become a combination of myth busters, jackass and SNL for highlining and climbing. We love when useful information is packaged in a fun way. In my effort to learn bolting, the information seems to be scattered all over the internet and I love organizing things, so here is the Bolting Bible. We break shit and do human testing on our channel so be sure to subscribe because we post bolt related videos all the time. We post our episodes on Instagram and Facebook and Youtube . Watch all of our bolt videos on this PLAYLIST


If you have feedback for additional information, more correct information, or just good ol' typos that need fixing, please email me directly or leave a comment below.

This project has always been intended to be a free project because it is more important that people read this than to make $20. This has been a huge project and if you do read the whole book and gain useful knowledge from it, please consider DONATING . We have about $10,000 into this book and our Bolt Buster tests, which are not sponsored, so we can stay independent. No, youtubing niche videos does not make money. We do this for the same reason our bolting angels go out and rebolt areas, to keep our crags and highlines safe and looking nice. Educating stoked bolters today is a scalable way to prevent future rebolting projects tomorrow.

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