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A WEDDING IN THE SKY! - Spacenet Wedding, 400 feet in the air, Moab, Utah

The sky is NOT the limit with you by my side!

On November 20th, 2017, Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks exchanged "Hell Yeah's!" in a marriage ceremony 400 feet in the air on a spacenet in Moab, Utah. They had aerial artists performing on silks and lyra underneath them, BASE jumping "flower girls" that wore tutus and packed their chutes with real petals, and a giant desert rave for their reception . Kim's dad even walked her down the "aisle", which is a first of it's kind. Normally, people get on the net by walking a 1 inch piece of webbing, called a slackline, out to the middle, but we specifically engineered the aisle so that her father could be out there with her.

Thank you everyone who got involved, lent a helping hand in setting up the net and the rave tent, and even risked their lives for us! We couldn't have done it without you, and we couldn't have asked for a more magical day.


Filmed and Edited by Scott Rogers (@scottyrog) with @WingateMotion

Bride: Kimberly Weglin (@_kimw_)

Groom: Ryan Jenks (@slackinhigh)

Pentagon Spacenet designed and rigged by Andy Lewis (@sketchyandylewis). Aisle brought into reality with the help of Andy Lewis and SlacklifeBC (@slacklifebc).

Wedding Officiant: Scott Hong (@blackrockseco) Can you believe this guy has never been to a wedding before?! (He watched YouTube videos the whole drive to Utah. Shoutout to YouTube! haha)


Liz Thomas (@lizasouras) on silks

Caroline Dignes (cdignes) on silks

Aleta French (theletabug) on lyra

BASE Jumpers:

Danny Weiland: @mrcorbing

David Laffargue: @davidlaffargue [Youtube: @David Laffargue]

Joe Nesbitt: @cincybase [Youtube: @jtnesbitt]

Jimmy Peterson: @jimmypeterson27

JP Sutjak: @theinfamousskypig

Scotty Bob: @scottyybob

Nick Williamson: @stickynicky420

Taz: @taz Andi Greyling: @andikissthesky

Andrea Chan


Gown and Veil by Galia Lahav (@galialahav)

from Kinsley James Bridal (@kinsleyjamescouturebridal)

Hair Styling: Kate Matulich @katevictoria_hair


Bouquet: The Faux Bouquets @thefauxbouquets

Tuxes: Generation Tux @generationtux

Behind the Scenes


After Posting Thoughts


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