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10 Highliners have been working for a year to pull off what could be the hardest highline ever rigged.  Being 2.1km (1.3 miles) is impressive but they are trying to do it in a mountain passage that is a constant wind tunnel.  Lapporten is the most iconic feature of the scandavian area, so it's worth the risk of the webbing being destroyed or even worse, the winds picking up while someone is on the line.  Some sponsors are helping, but being a niche and newer sport, we need to support each other in pushing the limits.  The Lapporten Team needs 100 people to sponsor the project with $50 each to be able to attempt the mission

$50 x 100 Sponsors

The Team:




   *   ANNICA LUNDQVIST OLLE     *   RYAN JENKS     *   

Follow the Project @northernlines_slackline

Feel apart of the team.  Sponsors will get:

  • Live videos of us each day on a private FB group where you can interact with everyone

  • A soft shackle mailed to you made by the team while driving 27 hours to the project

  • Early access to HowNOTtoHighline's edits of the project

  • Your name at the end of HowNOTtoHighline's videos credited as a sponsor

  • To feel great about helping dedicated slackliners push the limits of what is possible

How do I sponsor this???

  1. Paypal Joeight $50 - be sure your email on paypal is active

  2. If you want a soft shackle, be sure your mailing address on paypal is correct or email with the correct one

  3. You will be sent a link to the fb group with your thank you email

  4. This webpage is eliminated when 100 to 120 sponsors have been reached 

$50 x 100 Sponsors

Last Year's Project

$50 x 100 Sponsors