Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a Highline Univeristy Course

The courses are available for free. Go to our Highline University page and download the PDF textbook. The videos links are inside the textbooks. It is more important that people have the information to stay safe than for us to get $20, but it does cost money to run HowNOTtoHighline so we are using the time tested honor system. If you do read and watch and benefit from a course, please donate $20 via paypal or become a patreon to support our work

How can I help?

Highline University and The Bolting Bible are open source. We depend on others to make contributions to homogenize the information so the next generation of slackers can learn everything we currently know as a community. If you can edit what we have done, write a new section, or create tutorial videos yourself, please let us know!

How much money do you make on youtube?

Approximately $200 to $300 a month depending if the algorithms smile upon me. This does not even cover the cost of a video editor I hire to help free up my time to create more content. These projects depend on donations so anything you can do to help keeps the show on the road!

How Can I Donate?

Paypal, venmo or crypto dontations really help the every so often costs of either break tests or fixing break test equipment. Patreon helps pay for regular expenses such as editors or website fees. Anything you can do really helps as we survive off donations. We choose to be independant AF so we can explore things we feel are important rather than letting a gear company choose for us. You can donate at https://www.hownottohighline.com/donate